We'd Love to hear from You

The Church Office Phone # is (989) 872-3658

The Church Office Email is novestachurch@yahoo.com

Our Administrative assistants are Mary Helen Pratt & Kristy Speirs

To contact Brad Speirs, our Senior Minister, call (989) 550-3940, or email bdspeirs@yahoo.com

To contact Austin Keller, our Associate Minister, call (989) 325-5678, or email ankr559@cccb.edu

To contact Don Mecomber, our Student Minister, call (989) 912-9265, or email dtmecomber@gmail.com

To contact Ron Speirs, elder, call (989) 912-5379, or email rrspeirs@frontier.com.

To contact Dave Little, elder, call (989) 551-5179, or email bigdavepigfarmer@hotmail.com

The Church address is

2896 Cemetery Rd

Cass City, MI 48726